The inaugural  South Africa Investment Forum – Vision 2030  took place in Johannesburg on 19 June 2014  just weeks after the South African elections and immediately following the appointment of a new cabinet.

The full event brochure with articles from key speakers can be downloaded via this link.

The SAIF-2030 Flickr page can be viewed via this link. It includes photos of the Forum speakers, networking activities during the event, plus two excursions to the township of Soweto and the Blue Mosque by Johannesburg.

The event served as a platform for fostering contacts and partnerships within a unique gathering of leading figures from the business, banking, trade, industry, government, policy and media circles operating in both developed and emerging markets. The full delegates list can be found at the back of the brochure.

Conference speakers and delegates highlighted the need to take inspiration from Nelson Mandela’s call for environmentally aware investment in sustainable projects to implement South Africa’s 2030 development plans.

The debate centred around the urgent need to further develop the infrastructure of the country through new global partnerships committed to ethical values and policies that empower communities by treating them as economic stakeholders.

This was the first in a series of roving policy forums to be staged across Africa which will highlight the importance of committed partnerships for ethical investment in sustainable projects. These think tanks will not be mere talking shops, as they will advise on policy while also operating as an agency linking ethically oriented projects and investors in and beyond the host regions.

Audio-visual content of delegate speeches and interviews will soon be featured on this website as part of a planned Virtual Forum to engage interested businesses, organisations, governments and other stakeholders in a global dialogue.

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