SOSA-2030  The mission of the Supporters of South Africa 2030 is to educate people about the complexity of the challenges facing South Africa and the wider African continent in looking a decade and a half into the future to implement long term economic development plans.

There are many elements that must be earnestly considered in order to realise the achievable goals of building an inclusive and prosperous Africa in the 21st century.  Though a dialogue with players in the global economy is essential to achieving economic progress, solutions cannot simply be imposed from the outside.

Based on the right to self-determination while drawing on global support, initiatives must come from and be embraced by wide constituencies across the whole of Africa. The African diaspora living in other continents must also be engaged in the process if the term “international community” is to have any meaning or purpose.

It is also essentisal to recognise that there can be no lasting prosperity without stability and peace, and that solutions must be both win-win and one-world in their outloook in order to achieve success. In smart economics there is no contradiction between the desire for self enrichment and the imperative for universal humanity.

The friends and supporters of South Africa driving the SOSA-2030 development mission are drawn from a diverse global network of media makers and policy shakers, forward thinking entrepreneurs and visionary enterprises.

Empowered by modern technology and motivated by principles of fairness and justice, they seek efficient ways to harness both the abundant natural resources and the under-employed human capital that will build a prosperous and inclusive South Africa.