Volatile Media UK filmed the inaugural SAIF Vision 2030 event as part of a project to launch a “Virtual Forum”, one that allows interested parties around the world to take part in an online dialogue around the issues debated in Johannesburg that will be expanded upon in future Vision 2030 forums.

Recorded talks and a series of interviews are available to the world media and will contribute to an ever expanding web-TV archive.

The planned Virtual Forum will serve as a communications and knowledge sharing hub for active networks of committed investors, entrepreneurs, policy makers and other stakeholders around the world.

It will provide online tools to help spread information for promoting progressive policies around ethical investment, smart economics, social inclusivity and fiscal fairness that are essential building blocks for stability and economic prosperity both globally and in the Vision 2030 focus region of Africa.


MEDIA   Recorded speeches, audience interaction and comments from online audiences for use in commercial, educational, press and funding activities.

OUTREACH  Cross platform distribution will be conducted via TV, web, radio and print media to engage new subscribers from commercial, political, educational and other interested parties worldwide.

DIALOGUE  Online participation among future subscribers will enable multi-level interactive dialogues for spreading knowledge among a global constituency and advancing progressive government policies internationally.

ARCHIVE  Recorded speeches, interviews, dialogues and a wealth of other audio-visual content will build an invaluable, ever-expanding audio-visual archive for media, editorial, outreach and promotional purposes, as well as attracting support for and encouraging wider participation in future events.